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Re: P.A.L. (Paint-a-Long): Edges, lost and found, hard and soft....

Maybe I just can't paint slower?

Trying to make myself stop and take photos...

First of the underpainting....mixed a 'black' with the van dyke brown and hookers green, tho' it's not quite as dark as I want. Brown as the second dark....used flesh instead of white to lighten that. A few dabs of green scattered here and there...The first underpainting of the iron hook is in the brown green....

Then I used cad orange, yellow ochre, and cad yellow to fill in the apples...mixing in a bit of the brown and green where it seemed to be appropriate. "Cheated" and just used ivory black to go back over the outline of the hook and its shadow...

This is an 18x24 canvas...
Being a 'good girl' and letting this dry, before starting the next layers...

I hope you don't mind my doing things so fast...I so love to paint, and being by myself...well, with no interruptions, I just paint and paint... Plus I am really not sure how much time I will have to paint during this stay at my daughter's...since she will be trying to teach me how to feed and care for the 2 potbellies...oh my!
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