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Re: John's May Journal - Pen and Wash

Rainy - as to the new (Watermark Bindery) journal vs. the Venezia, I like them both. It's kind of an apples to oranges comparison. The Venezia paper is heavier and therefore better for really wet work, but it does bow a bit anyway, so the journal is going to be somewhat jammed looking when it's done because of the thick paper. The Watermark is great for writing with the fountain pen and overall I think that journal has a much nicer look than the Venezia. The Watermark lays out flat better, due to the hand binding, and I like the deckled edges, and the high quality paper used in the cover.

I'm kind of approaching it like the Watermark's are the books I'll use for more serious sketching when I have the time to get a good result. Or, I'll use them as 'themed' books for various situations. When volume and quickness is the intent, I'll use other sketchbooks (not necessarily the Venezia). I agree with Jamie that so far of all the books I've tried, I think that I would rank the Venezia paper the best overall performer.
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