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Re: Seascape (for want of a better title)

Originally Posted by Mikey
This is a beautiful painting as it is. I'd love to see it eyes on to tell, because the file here is a little small to see the detail. Is that just horizon? Are those waves so high as to be close? I would consider softening the horizon and would justify that as there is cloud.

Thanks, Mikey. I thought I had to keep the image under 100kbs. Then I noticed the painting of the eyes and how large it is. What is the size limit I can upload?
On the far right, it was intended to be distant mass of land, but it does look more like the ocean swell, doesn't it? I could put a tiny, soft, lighthouse on the far hill.
Yes, I agree I should soften the horizon.
Do you think I need any close-up birds, either on the rocks or something more detailed, on the beach, at the water's edge? (Sometimes, I just don't when to quit.)
Ok, it worked!!
I think maybe a very small boat to the far left of center, on the horizon, would be enough. (and do close-up birds another time?)

Any suggestions for a "great title"???

Thanks for writing.


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