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Question How to glue fiber tissue paper against real paper?

Hi guys. How are you?

Are you familiar with fiber tissue paper? It looks more like a very thin cloth composed of randomly bonded long fibers, instead of woven together. Here's a picture.

I want to glue it to real paper, for lack of a better word. What I do is put the sheet of fiber tissue paper on top of the sheet of real paper and then I apply glue on top, using a small brush. Then, the glue passes through the fibers and joins both layers.

Now, I tried with white glue and also with a wood sealant. Both are made from PVA. The problem is that they both moistened the paper underneath and deformed it. That's unacceptable for my project. Here's an example with kraft paper:

I also tried with découpage glue. I think it's also made from PVA, but it is much thicker than white glue and the sealant. The paper underneath doesn't deform in this case, but the top layer becomes permanently sticky.

The UHU Twist & Glue actually worked perfectly for gluing them together, but I want to find a cheaper solution.

Please help me. What do you suggest?

Thank you very much in advance .
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