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Re: As the Oily Rag Burns..... Ongoing 2019

Becca and Mark, thanks for the good health wishes. Yes, I really have been sick a lot for quite a while now. I'm hoping the change in the weather (which still really hasn't happened here yet) will bring a change in my health too.

What's the weather like where you are, Becca? We've had mixed days of rain and sun, but too many completely overcast/rainy days for this time of year. Generally, I think of the 4th of July as the start of summer as that's when it usually changes, but as I write, it's gray and overcast here.

mosc, it looks like we're all art supply addicts. Just in case you lurk, I want you to please know you'll be missed. If you have a moment to tell us how you're doing now and then, that would be great, but best wishes on a successful residency either way.

Mark, I really hope your hand improves soon and that the news from your doctor's visit is good. What an awful thing to have happen! Didn't one of the famous impressionists, when his arthritis increased to such an extent that he couldn't hold a paintbrush, resort to taping a brush to his hand/arm? Was it Manet? Anyway, just a thought...

Since I was sick so often and had other things going on this spring too, I only got tomatoes and some other veggie plants in two days ago! I don't expect much of a harvest at this point, but who knows. Since my expectations are so low, any harvest at all will feel like success.
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