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I've been trying to upload this sketch and this is the 3rd [and last attempt!]...seems I need to learn a whole lote more about this software and downsizing my pix before I try to upload them onto the thread! Practice, practice, practice

Here's yesterday's amatur sketch...I realize the cart is at an angle and the horse is straight...that would have to be changed if I decide to paint it [doubt I will tho, at least in patels ] This ol' guy and his wife live in Capadoccia, a wonderfully historical and beautiful landscape area in central Turkey. It's called the land of fairy chimnies because of the natural erosion which occurs in the limestone & sandstone.

These pastels are such a different breed of's going to take a WHOLE LOT more practice before I feel even a little comfortable with them. Right now I want to put them back in the drawer and pull out the watercolor , but I won't. How else will I grow???

I really appreciate all input and encouragment and commit to sketching in pastels every day for the rest of this month...[maybe by then I'll have something decent to post in the Jan project ]
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso
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