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Thanks Sundiver, I signed up for the Jan project and will begin something today. Even if it is a sketch. Thats my commitment to myself for today

January here has been really pleasant...a very mild winter so far. February and Nov. usually are colder and rainy but not terribly cold, mostly in the 40s. This January so far tho I have been able to go out mostly with a lightweight jacket or sweater. We'll see what happens in Feb!

Mo: the goodies I have are a great set of Rambrant soft pastels and a small set of pastel pencils and lots of great grey pastel paper [with which to practice, practice, practice].

I get frustrated because with watercolor the process is so different and I am so much more familiar with it. I often find myself slipping into trying to mix and blend colors like I know with watercolors. The biggest block I have tho is JUST DOING I am off now to GO DO IT. I'll try to post the sketch later today or tomorrow.

Thanks guys for welcoming me and making me feel exceited about the journey!
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso
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