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Re: The Goblin Tree

though finally came the day
for a young maidens real love and courtly romance
a time to wed and bring forth
a new branch in family trees
and off she went to a household in the palace maze
{ cosily nestled in hillsides rolling }
caught up in well mannered styles
with socials of all types
receptions and recitals abounding
oh the celibrations and the like
leaving behind , forgotten , lonely for a time
in flowery fields and beds
a small and kind creature of leaf and peddle

so thy lovely faerie took up to nippling
at greenery stems and vines
and found them tasty to a delite
perhaps to forget a lonely state
oh , woe , elf lass hast not come to play
where hast elven maiden gone ?
gone away ? dear , gone away ?
to join the star spirits ?
will thou fair elf friend return
and make thy flower faerie happy
for to play at floral games once again ?
rich in purfumes and sweet { umm sweet } honeys
colours , bright and wonderful !

or come no more and think not of grand days
in deep and wide flower fields ?
tears come , tears go
{ faerie tears , it is said , of star sparkles and jewel dust
sad faces some , some glad faces
flow they on wings of wind to find
open ears to whisper into }
yet this slender fairie of leaf and peddle
loves this free life so
maybe chewing on stems and leaves
will give thyself strength to carry on ?

although at first
she was of green skin and thinly
later came a change
to tones of yellow
{ for the fondness of tasty dandy dandiloins }
and she did gain and grow to be plum
the bees , the bees do not bother either
for she has small charms to keep them distant
so as it is , the tale is told
it has not much more to say { of those days }
only says, time passed on and on
that the floral fairy creature
over lengthy time forgot , of the beginings
focused on future pathes
and found aquintinences
in many other creatures of the forest kind
a world beyond courtyard flower bowers ...........