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Re: The Goblin Tree

Oh Flora , Oh Flora Mora
you funny little faerie creature
can anyone catch a glimpse of you
can anyone notice there
down inbetweenx the flowers fair
all bright in the light beams
of the solar powers that be
{ also pale in the night shadows
your sillie sounding snoozing }
the colours that you share with
peddles and blooms of all sorts
are so much alike that maybe
maybe , yeah may be you are really
a flower also { because ya know }
I heard a tale told
that of long ages ago
in a strange { but wonderful } world beyonder
a world of strange things { ay to me anyway }
there is a land { among the waters and clouds }
that is known only as ; Somewheres Else

That this tale begins of an elven maiden
when in her childhood
one day at play in open fields of wild flowers
and with flowing streams amiss mighty oaks and great willows
this elf child wanted of those fine flowers
{ twitching in the breazes }
to dance , really , while she sang
elven fancy airs of love and romance
to come and join her in fun games
amongst wonderious garden displays ;