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Re: The Goblin Tree

Standing on the highest deck of his spiraltower ,the wizard whos name is Oddis Sea was looking out over the valleylands , meditating on all the troubles , when an idea came flashing in bright light sparks of greens and blues into his mind and he laughed , oh he laughed a warm and funny laugh and smiled into the distant hills.
To speed up the trip , he got out his "flying machine" a mechical version of a great eagle bird and flew off to that corner of the forest where the doorway to the troll village lies. When he arrived he morphed himself into the likeness of his trustworthy assistant and proceeded through the door , down the trail into the opening where stands the welcomeing signpost and headed swiftly to the troll tollbridge .
Staying in the shadows on this very electricifing night until Hec Heckle took to his shift at the tolltower { the wizard then set a short spell to suppend time , making it a very slow night }. Being extemely bored by this Hec was throwing stones at the owls and crushing bugs and thats when the incognito Oddis Sea approached . Hec brought out his lantern staff and stood still as a statue .
Out from the shadows came a strangely familar figure , first Hec was stunned but then he laughed a short loud horrible laugh , Ye wanna try again er , he said so harshly { it makes my throat hurt just thinking about it }.
So the challenge began , this not being a battle / fight with swords , guns, laserbeams , or magic energy forces , this was a battle of lauguage , nasty words, negotiating tactics and haggling. These words , most of which are quite nasty , I cannot say here because it would rattle your good mind and upset your heart . One thing was certain , Hec was rageing , his eyes actually flashed with lightning bolts and smoke came from his nostrils.
At first Oddis Sea toyed with him , now he bent his serious mind to it , their voices thundered and actually created mini storms all around the bridge.
At that point , the wizard started to reveal his true identity and Hec heckle was so intence [ he was jumping up and down , pulling at his wild hair ] that it mattered not to him. Oddis Sea grew larger and larger even beyond his "usual" size . So to keep up with this Hec stepped up to the bridge climbing up onto the tollbell tower , higher and higher he went not even aware of it . now being at the very top of the steeple , he belted out his best , yet the wizard grew more and towered over him and gave Hec worse then he ever imagined anyone else could . Then Hec went into a maddenly wild laugh and not thinking about were he actually was, he went to jump up and down. When he did so , he slipped on the ratty old shingled steeple top and fell down , down over the side rails and into the swampy mess ! It went very quite and Oddis Sea 's time spell broke .............

As the morning sun rises and the birds chirp and the first bright rays of light pour through the thick trees.... We see laying face down in the enchanted waters one Hec Heckle , yet Hec picks himself up as mean as ever , but just for a few seconds than suddenly the changes accur and his fellow trolls come gather around on the edge of the bridge and there is a low aahh sigh which turns their grins into garbled giggles then into outright laughing as all are pointing at him. Bewildered , the changed Hec looks all about himself.
Oddis Sea standing there happy that his plan worked, with a wink at his eye spoke up saying , come my fine fellow , I know someone who needs you to greet visitors to their gardens .

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