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Re: The Goblin Tree

Hec Heckle was not only large [ for a troll ] , he was also much more verbally quick , quicker than all the other trolls of their village. He knew what to say and just how to say it , as to make others tear at their ratty raggedly hair and pull on their uneven beards . He knew when to say it at the most nastiest times , so that he flatly won many an augument [ usually of nothing important].
Hec Heckle was definitely the lord of the longest , loudest and most horrible burping and he drank deep into the bottom of the darkest and fowlest smelling barrel of troll ale [ you really don't want to know what the ingredients are ! ]

So Hec was surely something else , the greatest at the troll toll bridge game of haggleling toll in and out , over and under with those [ trolls and non-trolls ] whom had need to cross the bridge , and that what really made him so notorious .