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Re: The Goblin Tree

In the lands known as Somewhere Else , off the beaten path into the darker side of the forest , in a little known corner , there alone stands a door.
Just a door ? Not quite , this is a very different door , it is an old worn wooden door weather beaten and seemingly forgotten , but that is not so.
With no building nor fencing attached , it whispers and beckons the wayward hiker.
Carved into it , it is written "WELCOME" but hanging [ not neatly nailed , I may add] under it , a sign stating "IF YOU DARE ". Would you do it ? Ah we know the answer to that .

Well , you see , this strange door , is the entrance [ not an exit though ] to a village , that a tribe of trolls have taken for their own . A place of mosses , molds , muds ,and of bad smells. There they live , in spite of anything and everything always grumbling about this or about that especially if something or someone looks abit "tidy" . Rough and harsh are their ways , voices so hoarse , that when they speak it's quite garbled which of coarse is just the way they want it . This is why they named their village --

Just the way they dislike like it or like disliking it , to them it really doesn't matter or how many of them there may be as you see on there signpost .
Back in the day , there was quite a rucuss over that sign . As some wanted it to read "who wants to know " still others insisted on " why should we tell " but Hec Heckle had his way and it is what it is . Did I mention Hec Heckle - oh yes there was a particular troll named Hec Heckle .............