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Thanks Greencook & Auntie_Chaos

Glad to know I'm not alone in trying to deal with the scanner. Sometimes I begin to feel retarded when I can't seem to figure out what later (when you know what you're doing) turns out to be pretty simple.

The sketch was darkened considerably and some outlining done in an effort to get it to come up on the scanner. Still no luck. I could only get it to come up as "line art" and then just faintly. Finally, after just clicking on every single tool, I hit on the brightness/contrast and found that fooling around with these made all the difference. I was even able to get it up as "256 shades of gray." But, even then, it's hard to make it come up looking like the graphite. I'm just going to keep turning knobs and clicking tools--there's plenty to learn on this scanner...

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