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Itís a Small World | Eastern Art Meets Western Art

Did you know that Ethiopians use a calendar thatís different from that used by Americans? I found this out last night, while having coffee with a new friend whoís originally from Ethiopia. Itís surprising how easily we can forget that cultures can vary so much and simply stay comfortable in our own local realities. This conversation was an eye-opener for me and encouragement to continue to learn about the people of the world, beyond our own borders. One of the reasons that I (and many of you, Iím sure) am attracted to art is because it transcends misunderstandingsĖthere are no language barriers, no preconceptions, no judgment. That being said, itís also rewarding to be aware of symbolic meanings in artwork that represents specific cultures.

Church in Morning Light (watercolor on 140-lb. cold-pressed Arches, 22◊15) by Lian Quan Zhen

It seems fitting, then, to tell you about Lian Quan Zhenís newest book, Chinese Landscape Painting: Techniques for Watercolor. In addition to providing step-by-step exercises for painting in watercolor, Lian shares the background (no pun intended) of painting the landscape in the Chinese style, going into the history and describing five dominant styles.

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