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Re: Are Sta-Wet pallets firm enough to mix colours?

That is too bad that the sheets are expensive where you live. I haven't found anything I like better as a cover sheet.

One tip I learned here on WC when ready to close up your palette box is to mist the palette with alcohol. Make sure the sponge is plenty saturated with water then do the alcohol and quickly install the lid so the fumes don't evaporate. Put it in the refrigerator until you need it. My palette is going on two months now with ZERO mold and everything inside is still nice and moist. I do a light alcohol mist on the paints but fully wetting some of the areas of the palette with no paint on them. Alcohol won't wreck your paint if you get some on them, but it will make them more runny just like water does if you spray too much.

I don't use the alcohol when painting, just when putting it away, though isopropyl alcohol can make some acrylics soft enough to rework them. I believe it is the only ingredient in the Chroma Atelier Interactive acrylics activating formula, so you can use that safely instead at a substantial savings if you work with the Chroma line.

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