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Re: Oil-from-life challenge, July 2019: optional "daily painting" theme!

Glad to see you, Moscatel! And glad to hear you're working on your landscape skills. I really enjoyed your aspen painting. It has a nice glow to it!

I get busier in August, so after the first week I'm going to be painting more like 3 or 4 times a week. So I'm wondering, what theme for August? "Almost daily painting"? Or something different?

Daily painting #31: It occurred to me that this object is really more a pitcher than a “pot,” as I wrote last time. Anyway, I continued with the picture, this time focusing on one of the glasses behind the pitcher. I had only about an hour to paint, but I made decent progress. On to the other glass tomorrow. "Silver pitcher (in progress)," oil on linen, 5" x 7."

- Geoff.
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