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Re: Ink as a paint?

Originally Posted by tiago.dagostini
I hiiiighly disagree with that. Jim lee is one of the most famous INK masters of the 90's and he does very few lines, mostly brushes and paper towels embedded in ink.

If peopel really want a lien only forum then this should be renamed LINE work, and take all work based in line (even if digital). If the forum is media based.. then the media is the definition.

Jim lee DOES use line & plenty of it ! he does make extensive use of blocking in those lines in ink using the typical sharply defined classic inking style of flat black shapes but his exquisitely drawn lines whether blocked in as outline or left as pure line can in no way be compared to the "lucky accident" loose technique of painting with inks wet on wet with varying strengths of wash, not in the least.
When people come to the P&I forum, not unsurprisingly, they most of all want to see P&I work !


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