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Plaster of Paris and Epoxy Resin????


I'm a new user to this site and this is my first post. I hope it's in the right place.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to preserve a Plaster of Paris hand print of my 6 year old nephew. This is a VERY special hand print and absolutely irreplaceable as he has since passed away. I'm scared to death to have it out on display because if it gets knocked over, I'm sure it will shatter into a million pieces, and I can never get that back.

I have thought of putting it in a shadow box and hanging it, but I guess it could still fall and shatter.

My brother came up with an idea, that I think might work, I just want to make sure it will not ruin the hand print once we start.

He suggested encasing the hand print in an epoxy resin such as what one would use to make a river table. That once it setup and hardened, it would dry crystal clear and you would be able to see the hand print very easily, and it would be more protected from shattering.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this and will it affect the Plaster itself after the epoxy is poured? Is there any particular kind of epoxy resin you can recommend? Do I need to "treat" the plaster of paris with anything before pouring the epoxy? Does this sound like a good idea? Are there any other ideas about how I can preserve this precious hand print to keep it from shattering??

Thank you so much in advance for any help or for directing me to the appropriate place for the help!
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