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Re: Ink as a paint?

Originally Posted by cwilliamson
Technically I used a nib and nib holder to pull the pooled ink into the leaf masses, scratch the fine lines and branches in so technically it's both. If you feel that it doesn't belong here that is your opinion but since it doesn't belong in mixed media (because it is just ink) and I did use pen and ink I'm not sure where it should go. Where would suggest?


Well that post starts out with the word "Technically" & yes "technically" you are right, but such work is not really in keeping with the spirit of P&I as it is generally understood.
However the funny thing is that if it had been done in any one single colour of ink ,then it would undoubtedly have been universally accepted as a totally legitimate part of the noble tradition of P&I without hesitation by all !
At the end of the day I look forward to seeing more of your ink work here !

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