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Re: How to teach art to kids under 8

My wife and I homeschool our (now) 8 year old son. Since we put together our own curriculum each year, last year for art we were pulling from Memoria Press' art materials and using the How Great Thou Art book (though my son didn't think the book was interesting enough. This year we are going to be using "Creating A Masterpiece" by artist / teacher Sharon Hofer. We found out about her at the Great Homeschool Convention this past spring in Cincinnati, OH. She's VERY nice to talk to, and I found her to be sincere. She was almost at tears talking about how she just loves seeing children (and adults) light up when they have learned how to draw and paint something that they can be proud of creating. I just love her approach to teaching art. So gentle, and explains things clearly and calmly. In her convention booth she had two easels set up and random children would walk up, she'd restart the movie teaching how to create a painting in pastels. These children would grab broken pieces of pastel, and following along with her (and using their own artistic license) they'd complete these beautiful paintings of birds and butterflies. Not refrigerator art at all! I was specifically looking for instruction in oil painting, and while she does not offer that at the moment she did say that she will offering it in the next year. Her website is at: