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Re: Vine cane, what are your favorite color combos?

Thanks Ginny,
I'll definately try your method of making vine cane. It didn't occur to me to go bigger. I've been striping a rod, encasing and pulling.
I kept doing the same thing with different colors hoping to get good results but getting the same thing in different colors, faint stripes. You'd think I'd learn too. Lol.
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Originally Posted by GinnyHampton
Thanks I don't make my canes by striping/encasing a rod, so they usually wind up thicker than they probably should be. I haven't measured them, but they're definitely not skinny.

I'll start with a boro rod and flatten one end (maria) as a platform . . .. .then I'll take my green and build a thick barrel on the end of the boro (it's probably 3/4" long). I'll add the stripes using a thick stringer, the prepulled kind or one that I've done that's thick. Then I'll encase the striped barrel. I'll flatten another boro rod, attach it to the top end, heat and pull.
What happens with me (and you think I'd learn!) is that my colored barrel winds up being fairly large so when I pull, I can only go so far because of arm length and my canes never turn out thin. . . . . BUT I usually get a three foot long cane! The ends are so thick they're useless, so I wind up with a couple of feet of useable cane.
Maybe that's the trick for you . . . . build it up bigger, use thick stringers for your stripes and pull it out thicker.
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