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Re: "How to Get Started in Soft Pastels" for our newbies

g'day, being new to this forum and having reintroduced myself to art after many years, I managed to purchased a 90-pc. Rembrandt Landscape set and a 40 pc. half stick set of Sennelier pastels. I hope I have not shot myself in the foot purchasing the landscape set. I don't want to just limit myself to landscape; I reckon I would still be able to try still lifes as well. I really would likie to tackle Diana's workshop without having to buy more pastels. As I re-read this it seems like a dumb post, but I'll post it anyway.

This is a wonderful forum, I'm so happy I found it. the only downside is that I've been spending so much time reading through threads, i'm not spending any time painting!
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