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Re: "How to Get Started in Soft Pastels" for our newbies

I have bought some soft pastels. And can't do anything with them. They are to soft for me to draw with. So I take my knife, and rake it along the pastels of my choice. And make powder. After that, I either add water to the dust or wet my paint brush. And paint with it. But I can't seem to blend them like I want. (I love blending anything that I am either painting or drawing. I just like the effect) What is anyone exsperience with the pastel pencils? So they blend well? And is there dust with them? If they don't blend well, what kind of pastel would I use that would not crumble with alot of dust. I know that there are a lot of hardness of them. I don't want to go out and buy them. And then they don't blend. Any suggestions?
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