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Re: my weekly stitched patches

Thank you
Originally Posted by vmrs
That's a nice variety of stitches. Your feather stitches look really good.

I found a couple of embroidery books at a library book sale. I couldn't believe they were only $1.

One is Marion Nichol's "Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches including Crewel". It's from 1974. The other is "Crewel Embroidery" by Erica Wilson (1962). It's really good too.

They're both in black and white but they have a lot of sort of forgotten stitches and good advice too if you ever see them anywhere.

Great find...My mother had that Erica Wilson book back when it was new. It's a good one and I wish I knew where it went.
Helen, c&c's always welcome.
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