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Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles

Over the last few days Iíve likely been going a little overboard with trying to practice a lot of the digital stuff Iíve got at my disposal, and I think some turned out better than others. Either way I look at everything as a learning experience. Just hope I donít get too burned out - probably a good idea to at least take a day off once in a while.

My most recent was a bit of a lazy mess but there seems to be one or two people that liked it. Otherwise I tried doing some existing characters, a couple with new videos of the process, though they arenít so detailed. One with Link and Fi from the Zelda series in a bit of a different style that I really like but unfortunately doesnít seem to have got much attention. Lastly thereís ĎDramekí or, more recently settled on Dramyd, who is to be the main character of my comic. Doing more research on some general history of Bohemia and just your average mythology and folklore has made my story quite a bit more fleshed out.

Not sure I may continue doing videos, as Iíve done in the past. Initially thought theyíd be good for analyzing the way I work...and well, I guess itís done just that. But I think it just reinforces some bad habits of trying to rush myself.
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