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Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles

Been a few days, feel like I should update with a few things. Havenít bothered uploading every piece Iíve worked on since last time, just a few I think were the best of my attempts. Another artist(this time from Talking Heads), one friend I did as a ninja that was more of a silly doodle, another doodle of some macho guy at a gym, and an actual concept for another ninja-ish character that Iím not really sure where to go with - guess it really depends how serious or dumb or fantastical or surreal I want her story to be. I feel like Iíve got male anatomy down to an ok level, in part thanks to how absurd Jojo characters can be(in the comic page with the giant cat) but the female figure still escapes me a bit.

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