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Travís sorta 2020 doodles

Going through some old junk I realized I had a bunch of mostly unused sketchbooks, so I figured why not use them for this place. Not quite 2020 yet but I might as well get some practice in. Maybe Santa blessed me with some art magic or something.

To start off with, my fatherís got the flu and got pretty much my entire family sick since they were all together for Xmas, so that gave me the idea to try and draw the guy who wrote the song ĎSanta Clause has got the aidsí. First time trying, and Iím falling back on old habits to just try and copy every exact line of the reference Iím using so itís kind of way out of proportion and stuff, and I decided to try to fix it way too late. Iíll just consider it practice for next year. :P

Iím not sure what the policies on links to other sites are but perhaps I could link my deviantart if anyone wants to see any of my previous stuff? If not thatís alright.
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