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Need book or online video class recommendation

I need a book or online video class recommendation .... While visiting my sister recently (600 miles away) she commented that she would like to learn how to paint. She had bought some Master Touch acrylics and a canvas for a class but learned that it was just going to be one of those "social" painting classes, not one where she would actually learn anything. I would take her under my wing ... but can't do it from 600 miles away. She has no prior painting experience at all. So if I was to buy her a beginner's book on how to paint in acrylics for Christmas ... what would it be? Or perhaps someone can suggest a specific online course? I did tell her that there were a lot of YouTube videos, and that working on drawing (she does have some skill there) would also be a great benefit. I recommended the classic "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" as that is how I started, many, many years ago! We spent the next day at the local art museum where we discussed composition and color and she does have a good eye. She seems to be especially drawn to paintings with bold brushwork.
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