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Re: An invitation to post your P&I sketches, doodles, scratchings and scribbles .......

Thank you all for commenting on my sketches.

Chennai received some much needed rains, but in the process I lost internet connectivity, my tv connection, and my phone connection until a short while ago. And this was not even a proper storm!!!

Lots of nice sketches in this thread...
Robert...I admire your fluid strokes and minimalistic approach.
Toowoomba...You make even ordinary subjects look good.
Wayne...The scribble technique works very nicely in your sketch to bring out the form.
Mike...Very clean and confident lines in your sketch.
W.P....What a nice idea to sketch the jeans without the wearer!! And so well sketched too.

Here are a couple of sketches that I did unobtrusively of my mother.
Attached Images
C&C welcome.
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