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Re: Sketch Book Reviews

My sketchbook reviews after testing with stuff I like to use. This is just based on my preferences. And I have no favor for stitched vs wirebound, like them both. So that did not impact my test. It was based on how I liked the paper. The order within each list is random and not based on any individual rating with a grade, btw.

I really like all of these for their versatility with most all media I use and nice paper in all of them

AquaBee Super Deluxe
Handbook Artist Journal
Raffine Art Sketch
Strathmore Visual Journal (Watercolor 140 and Mixed Media, not tried the rest)
Pentalic Nature Sketch
Maruman Art Spiral

I also like these a lot, and while they work better with some media than others and thus did not make my A list, I will still buy them again for the uses I do like.

Fabriano Artist Journal with colored pages
Canson Mixed Media XL
Bee Pen Sketchers (my fav for zentangles but wish they came in smaller size)
Daler Rowney Cachet Earthbound

These are still nice, but do not work well for some media AND also I do not find them outstanding for any specific thing either like I do those in the B category.

Pentalic Sketch black hardback (Borders)
Blick Drawing
Canson Field Sketchbook

These ones I would not purchase again but will use the one I have

Strathmore 400
Moleskine Sketch (thin paper, don't like the creamy color, CA 65 warning)
Moleskine Watercolor (CA 65 warning)

All the others I like for some purposes, but just don't like these at all, not even for writing in. Would not even use!

Set of two hard black wirebound sketchbooks from Aaron Bros.
C & C are welcomed! Thank you.

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