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UV paint

Hi all,

I've recently drifted into uv painting and having fun with it and I'm now starting to try some murals. First attempts have been promising, but my lines are way too thin and look very amatureish and inconsistent. It looks a bit like the wake of a speedboat: most of the paint has gone to both sides of the line with a much thinner, almost transparent line in the middle.

I've tried shaking it, theickening it (or trying to!) and various different brushes, but the effect still stays the same and have come to the conclusion that it's the paint (I use two - Amsterdam and Virtual Bliss - the scond of which was a relatively cheap buy, in fairness!)

Can anyone recommend a good quality thick uv paint? Preferably in Europe. Or any tips as to why this is happening if it's not the paint?

Thanks in advance!

__________________ (Contains non-sexual nudity)
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