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Re: Questions/Comments on Potential Illustration Competition

Originally Posted by nebra
Hi everyone!

Nebra Sky Media was recently established to manage the rights of a new series of illustrated books formatted to be read and shared with 3-6 year olds. The series contains 48 complete stories, i.e. 48 books, all featuring a lead character and her two best friends in their many fantastical adventures. All 48 stories have been completed and are in the process of undergoing translation into 43 languages.
Yow! 48 stories, 48 books, 43 languages for three year olds, before any illustrations are in place!. I would think a book for a three year old would be mostly about the illustrations rather than the stories. How involved can a story be for a three year old? How many three years have read 48 books by one author? TO write 48 "illustrated" books translated into 43 languages before you have any illustrations -- or any idea of what the illustrations might be seems an odd business plan to me. You should pitch this to Shark Tank and see what they think about it!

You should DEFINITELY post all 48 titles, and list all 43 languages to demonstrate how solid(vs speculative con) your project is.
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