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Re: Questions/Comments on Potential Illustration Competition

I did a search on your name, got one hit, and it looks like a redirect to a site about apps. So big huge problem right there. Also, the domain is for sale. Big nope.

IMO, this is a lot of work to ask people to do on spec and with little chance of a profitable outcome. You give the comparison of architectural firms submitting proposals for a building, but that's usually just three firms and they don't have to pay to do that, plus they have a good chance of making a profit for the time they invest in their proposal.

I also wonder why you are asking artists to come up with characters and whatnot when the stories are supposedly already written.

How are you going to market these books? Through traditional venues? Or is this one of those deals where the artist gets a "discount" on the books they illustrate rather than getting an actual fee? It looks like you are not any kind of publisher. It looks like you will do POD to market customized books to your 10K parents.

Finally, I do not think it is a good deal for illustrators to give up their copyright. I illustrated my own book published by a traditional publisher and did not have to give up my copyright. Why should they?

And if you say "exposure," everyone here will be happy to beat you.
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