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Re: How to teach art to kids under 8

Of course! Sorry.

ok, I bought my son one of those Bob Ross painting kits. It's wet on wet. My son painted along at a very slow pace. When I say slow pace he spent about 2 hours doing it, which is Bo b Ross terms is slow. It was his second painting on canvas. Bob is a great teacher. Be sure to get a laptop and a messy shed they can work in. You'll need something Bob refers to as liquid white. Just teach them to watch the dvd and go real slow and press pause a lot fo the time. It is a copycat way of getting them to learn however it is great way to get their confidence going. Furthermore I actually foiund my sons lack of detail more appealing than what Bob Ross does. So we framed and hung it. Since then he did another one which he hasn't had time to finish off yet. This was done in about 2 hours. I tend to leave him on his own. What I dont do is paint for him. It's all his own work.

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