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Re: Scavenger Hunt #595: Jul 16 - 24

Joe Thank you so much for your generous words 😊

EP Thanks, and also thanks for the info re: black erasers. Now I'm wondering if I've ever seen any. Maybe they've been on the shelves but I didn't even register that they were erasers. Anyway, very cool! They're like erasers made from deep space 😃

Ai Thank you so much for your wise words. And they go to you as well... take your time at home for the quiet stillness you need 😌 You're so busy with work and travel and family... but your inner self knows your need for those peaceful, empty moments. The emptiness is full of nourishment for your soul there. I love your sketches of your hands and foot. To me, their grace and openness have a special beauty, just as they are on the page 🐾

Jo Thanks so much for your thoughtful words. Your beautiful poppies, wow, gorgeous 🎨 And the depth and life in your landscape are lovely. Wonderful photos to go with. Your flour still life is great. I love the colors, and the crumply bag! Is that your own swing? I could live on a swing like that Lovely dreamy scene!
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