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Re: Great Journal Blogs/Sites

Originally Posted by DrDebby
I really enjoy this one...

She has a lot to say about journal making and filling.

Also can't forget this one...
Many thanks Debby - I'm blushing! I highlight good sketchbook blogs on Making A Mark virtually every Sunday.

I totally endorse you highlighting Roz's journal - she has lots of really great recommendations for people making their own art journals. I'm always quoiting her on my blog.

My Sketchbook Journal - which includes sequences related to my travels in different parts of the world - is Travels with a Sketchbook in...... You can see the trip links in the side column. In it I also list a number of what i regard as good sketchbook blogs in the blogroll.

Some blogs worth taking a look at which I'd like to highlight here are:
  • Urban Sketchers - which is a group blog with correspondents all over the world all sketching their urban environment. i'm one of those correspondents. This one is great for seeing many, many different styles of sketching. So if you've not sketched much before why not take a look at this one. It's also a great example of how you can create a theme for a sketch journal and involve a groupo of people.
  • Liz and Borromini are Australian and produce great travel sketches. Check out the one of Liz's recent trip to Europe in Liz Steel - Summary of 5 week trip to the UK and France Autumn 2009
  • Julie Oakley - One Mile From Home is a great example of a sketchbook project - a sketch a day for a year done while taking exercise which took Julie one mile from home
  • Laura Frankstone also produces great Travel sketches in Laurelines
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