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Re: Compressor Reviews!

Sorry for the late response,
Sparmax, the company that makes these compressors for iwata and simair have been updating some of the parts over the past few years. The main problem is the pressure release valves...they are now using the 3rd different one...we are hoping this cures the overheating problem. We found that if you are only doing illustration, models, make-up...low demand, gravity feed airbrushes they work well. The problems seem to come when you start working with larger jar feed airbrushes, such as badger 150 or Paasche VL....they require a large amount of cfm to push the paint. The biggest failer rate was with the airbrush tanning systems...again it was heat, because they take about 20 minutes to do a tan...thus the heat load was quite high.... We also ran the twin motor system with the small tank and found the covered models suffered from poor heat release... all the ones used with the TAFE colleges failed after about 2 years. All the covered twins we used in the studio also failed after about the same time. I have updated several customers pressure release switch and drop the electric pressure switch to 60 psi max and it seems to have solved the problem. The last few new compressors we got from the factory have also droped the pressure switch to 60 psi.... If you own one now that goes up to 80psi, it's simple to change. Just PM me and I'll send you a tech sheet (pdf) on how to do it.

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