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D&S Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ

Welcome to the Drawing And Sketching forum! We hope you will enjoy your time spent with us. If you are new here, please be sure you read and understand the User Agreement so that you are familiar with the rules of conduct here at Wet Canvas. In addition to those rules, you will be expected to adhere to the following posting guidelines.

1. Drawing is a rather wide area of interest so we’ve had to place some limits on what is accepted here. Mediums permitted are:

1. Charcoal
2. Graphite
3. Conte
4. Sanguine
5. Chalk
6. Pen and Ink
7. Silverpoint
8. Colored Pencils
9. Pastel Pencils

Some mediums are not permitted. These include digital or any sketching done with a brush. However, we do have one exception to the above rule – if you post your preliminary drawing here using an acceptable media but finish the work in another medium, you may post the finished work here in that original thread.
Wet Canvas has a large number of forums so if your choice of medium is not listed above, there is surely another forum where it is accepted.

2. Please limit yourself to one new thread per day per member. Multiple new threads daily will be merged to a single thread. This is only fair to the other members as each new thread pushes all others further down the list and eventually out of sight.

3. Posting drawings. If you have an image to post that illustrates a point you are making in a particular thread, that is the proper place to post it. If, however, the image is not to illustrate a point, please start a new thread of your own rather than hijack the thread.

4. When starting a new thread many artists append the term WIP to the end indicating a Work In Progress. Please keep all updates, including the finished drawing, in the original thread. Once complete, if you wish the name of the thread changed to FINISHED, simply ask a moderator to make the change for you. This will minimize the number of new threads as well as allowing all original subscribers to your thread to be notified that an update has been posted.

5. Please post your photos to WC and not use an external site. External sites will sometimes change things resulting in your image being inaccessible which renders your thread nearly useless to others trying to read/learn from it.

6. This is a learning forum. As a result comments and critiques are encouraged so members can learn and improve. If you do not wish to have people make such comments, please state that no C&C is desired in the initial post.

7. If you have a video to share on another site please post the finished work here or do a WIP and then share the link to the video. The idea is to enhance this forum - not pull people away elsewhere.

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