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Re: Why does illustration look like illustration?

Originally Posted by ThatAussieGeek
Thanks Katy. Frazetta was great, and I really liked Vallejo and Royo too -- but holy cow could those guys draw and paint. I've got no delusions about ever being in that league!

You're quite right though; "do what you feel". Heading towards an illustration/comic style is my way of reacting to how serious and ugly the "real world" seems to be becoming. I just came looking for a little guidance on what makes that style look the way it does, and I got it

Well, you look at it this way: In the 1840's or 50's (I believe) the aniline dyes were created in chemistry labs. Prior to that, it was natural pigments made from clays, minerals, burnt bone etc. Once aniline dyes were invented, they moved to carpet makers, fabric and textile makers, and once the ability to create lead tubes (like toothpaste tubes) occurred, and the aniline dyes were used in paint manufacture, that led to the impressionist era, Van Gough and all of that. In Egyptian times, glass was more precious than gemstones. I can't imagine art without pencils, and yet there was a time, and not so long ago.
When I was young I knew Raymond Johnson, a famous New Mexican painter. He told me that in the 1930's when a person went to art school, the first thing they learned was how to make a paint-brush.
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