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Re: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

One of my favorite things is my electric eraser. It amazes me how many beginners or kids (I have given talks at schools about art) think erasing means you are a substandard artist! I just laugh at this. I use it alot for fine whiskers or back lit areas of fur.
Second one is my full spectrum light I just purchased. I LOVE the closet studio my husband built for me but would find myself back at the kitchen table for the light. Now I could stay in my little closet all day! And I didn't get the high dollar one. It only cost $40.
Third is the sable brush that is alway in my left hand. For the crumbs.
Kathy that is funny you mentioned a value finder. I am working on a flamingo and really wanted to pay special attention to the mid tones that will be right next to the lightest areas. Sometimes I have gone too dark so I was going to make one of those things today. Could you explain how you made it and how you use it? wanda
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