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Re: * Tips & Tutes x Digital Art *

Captan, I don't understand your vitrol toward Open source and Freeware, they keep the big boys on there toes, and add greatly to the knowlege stream

Such a hot defence of the over priced PS is unnessary, Adobe takes good care of itself, which is great perhaps for the Pros that need "process colour " availability. I have used PS and have taken two courses to try to make it fit my work flow and it does have a few tricks I find useful but I'm not paying a 1000$Can or more just for a couple of tools I don't use often.

For the beginner PS would be the last program I'd recommend, PSP is much more intutive and has tons of free resources on line that are very accessable for the beginner Actually I'd be even more inclined to start a beginner of with any number of Freeware that are out ther to get them started without a huge outlay of scarce cash.. And particularly for the painters, I find PS, and PSP are both not easy to paint with, for those who are use to using natural media.

When Corel made Painter more like PS in its work flow I made me rather angry because until they returned the Costom pallet in the patch it was very awkward to use and the way they now customize brushes is still a thorn in my side as I can no longer customize on the fly like in earlier versions.

I haven't tried Gimp but I know many who have used it for years and love the program!

I just find the snobbery attached to PS very annoying just because it was the first out of the gate way back when doesn't mean it is the only player that can do the job, and yes PSP 8 can do just about everything PS does for a more asseable price and the PSP community is a lot more fun as a group they know how to laugh at themselves.

And yes I have PS 7 which someone who found the program too difficult to use for what they wanted it for, gave me, and I do use it on occassion but I would never have gone out and bought it I don't have that kind of cash. And the only way I'd reccommend PS Elements would be that if someone didn't have a graphic pad I tell them to get it and that it is one of the entry programs tha will come with, PSP 8 is a much more complete editing program than PSE. But that is just my opinon and preference.

I think Jet is right to help others learn to use available Open source and freeware programs for many reasons, as well as the fact it won't get them bogged down with expensive programs and give up before they even get started. These program let everyone get a start in a very enjoyable and interesting art form!
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