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Re: Oil-from-life challenge, May 2019: optional "daily painting" theme!

I got it several years ago as part of a large purchase from an estate sale. The woman was probably an art teacher. It was in one of the bags or boxes of supplies that was about the only purchase I ever made in all my years for paint, and I spent that because of several new cadmiums. The cadmiums were going up in price at the time. I recently realized I had the manganese, and have been trying to find out about it ever since.
It's a weak color, and apparently darkens, can lean green if ground with linseed oil, which mine is, so I'm mixing it with a touch of zinc white to help eliminate that yellowing. Apparently the zinc will help. I'm finding it takes more than a few days to dry as a glaze, so these will take longer than I thought. It will be a while before I have photos to show of it due to it's weak color. Apparently several glazes will be needed.
Mine is permanent pigments and they quit making oil paint years ago. Thanks for your response.