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Marie Laveau

mixed media (song lyrics and a painting to depict it?

The most famous of the voodoo queens that ever existed
Is Marie Laveau, down in Louisiana
There's a lot of weird ungodly tales about Marie,
She's supposed to have a lot of magic potions, spells and curses....
Down in Louisiana, where the black trees grow
Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau
Got a black cat's tooth and a Mojo bone
And anyone who wouldn't leave her alone
She'd go another man done gone
She lives in a swamp in a hollow log
With a one-eyed snake and a three-legged dog
She's got a bent, bony body and stringy hair
If she ever seen why'all messing round there
She'd go another man done gone
And then one night when the moon was black
Into the swamp come handsome Jack
A no good man like you all know
He was looking around for Marie Laveau
He said…
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