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Re: What are you Working on Today?

Re-painting som jurassic world dino figures. The dilophosaurus was just solid plain green! So i worked on giving her some brown & whit striping and irredescent base on his frills. Then I figured "may as well work on some more since I went and poured out the paint." and i ended up re-painting my jurassic world 1 indominus rex, white washing the ugly dull grey it was and giving it some irredescent green highlights, touched up the indoraptor's gold stripe to actually be gold an not the figurecs sickly yellow, painted his teeth white and eyes red, touched up my raptor's eyes teeth & claws and repainted one with the remaining poured out shiny green with a blue stripe running from nose to tail.

Realize now i should have taken before and after shots, but whatevs hindsight is 20/20.
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