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Re: * Round the Campfire - August*

Uhoh! this campfire almost burned itself out! I'd better throw a BIG log on it!

I haven't been around much, as we've had to spend alot of time in Ft Collins at our rental property. Our tenants turned out to be a real problem; we finally agreed with them that it would be best if they moved out. Fortunately, they did before we had to go through eviction process, but, of course, they left the place a mess and about $4000 worth of damages, including flooding the garden level floor. Thankfully, we had put tile down and sealed it good, or we would be faced with ripping up the floor and replacing it. As it is, we think we will just have to take out sections of the drywall and refinish the walls. Grrrrrrrrr! I dislike being a landlord, but have no choice until the housing market improves.

Naturally, this happened just before we are scheduled to leave on our vacation....isn't that always the case? Anyway, we are still leaving today to go camping in the Big Horns (northeast Wyoming), and will worry about the rental property again when we return. Get to go to the Ian Tyson concert in Sheridan Thursday night with David's brother and his wife, so am really looking forward to that.

Yikes, Lisa! That sounds like it was quite a storm! I'm glad no major damage occured; bummer though that things on your patio got smashed. So glad you got to see Zenyatta run! She is certainly causing a stir! I've waited so long to see the next we dare consider? Probably not, but this is fun, for sure.

The tractor pics are super......even if they are John Deere's! (just kidding!) It's just that tractors should be red! Should we paint them?

Yes, come on out next summer! I'll have another colt to start then, too. I haven't gotten very far with the ornery buckskin, as the rental property has unexpectedly taken up my time. I guess he will wait......and probably just get ornerier (is that a word?)

Sunface, let us know what you decided about the job. Selling art isn't going so well right now; I've pushed around in my mind the prospect of looking for work, but then I realize I'd rather have my time than the extra money. Don't know how long I can think that way, though!

Well, best get busy packing the rest of our stuff for our trip. Take care everyone, and I'll talk at ya when we get back next week!
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