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Re: Being consistent in your art style

Thank you all for your replies.
It is interesting to read the differing opinions.

I've been putting things under consideration and I realized that the magazine style I use is not really very enjoyable for me. It takes about 5X as much time to do a magazine collage as opposed to a regular painting. I have to hunt for all the colors meticulously in magazines, whereas with paint I can just mix up whatever I want. So I definitely have a lot more fun with paint, and thus I have decided to focus on using them primarily.

I will continue to use markers, though... Because they help me prior to painting so I can do quick sketches and see what color schemes and compositions I like best before I start working on the actual painting.

Ultimately, it is all about doing whatever style/subject you enjoy most, which is why I have made this decision. I feel very liberated now that I can focus on the medium (acrylics) that I like using best.


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