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Being consistent in your art style

Having a consistent art style is something I have difficulty with. The primary reason being, at different times, I like using different mediums. I use:
-Acrylics on canvas
-Magazine Collage on canvas
-Markers on paper

Sometimes I do a combination of acrylics and magazines in the same artwork. I will provide some examples of my work for reference:

(George Washington, Mixed Media on Canvas, Acrylic + Magazine Collage)

(Ladybug, Acrylic on Canvas)

(Lighthouse storm, pens and markers on paper)

I have been reading online that one of the things you need to do as an artist is to find your niche. Either by leaning towards a particular style(impressionism, realism, etc), or by focusing on a particular subject (animals, abstracts, landscapes, etc).

Admittedly, I do have a heavy inclination towards portraits and animal paintings. But sometimes I like to just paint with acrylics, and sometimes I like to use magazines. This is what causes inconsistency in the style my artwork, which apparently is not considered a good thing.

I would like to know if there are any other artists out there who have dealt with this problem of consistency in their art style. Please share your thoughts and what you think artists should do who have difficulty sticking with just one style or one subject.

Thanks for reading.


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