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Nicolas Poussin recommended reading

I am not an arthistorian but mainly true research i did on arteducation I found Goldstein, Pevsner, Boime amongst other like Ames Lewis to be very helpfull in understanding art. In trying to understand how artists learned to build compositions and worked with content I came across the works By Caracci and Poussin and Lebrun.

Perhaps someone can point me towards good recommended reading on the works by Nicolas Poussin? Any arthistorian that I should read?

I especially also would like to learn more about the subject matter of the classical artist, (like Poussin)

Perhaps someone knows of a book or source that discusses the role that classical literature played in the Baroque time onwards played? ( in the classical arteducational system of the 19 century academy students nicknamed the literature course for visual artists , la comédie francaise/ perhaps a good read on these matters?.)

I am also seriously triggered about the role of Poussin as a rolemodel for compositions in all later classical artworks. His style an legacy took under the reign of French Baroque education.

greetings, Igor
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