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Re: Too Good To Use... Hardbound 2004-05

Thank you! Actually, I'll be switching to Pitt pens, pen drawing, pencil, light colored pencils sketching and other thin-paper techniques. Maybe a few Asian style watercolors or sketch and wash but not much.

When I did this book I didn't understand surfaces as well as I do now. I didn't realize how much better Stonehenge is for layered colored pencils realism, or multi-media paper for wet applications. So I'll shift over to the mediums that work best on this paper and use it at the pace it goes. With what's in there now there's enough variety I don't think it'll be too jarring.

But from now on anything that big gets worked out small first and blocked in! No more starting from details and fill the page with layered CP glazes... when I do one of those I'll do notans first, plan it and block it in. I had no idea those preliminaries would be that helpful!

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