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Re: Too Good To Use... Hardbound 2004-05

The next three are fun.

Carboniferous Shore - colored pencil, 2005.
This one is still pretty cool paleoart. I like it, unfortunately I wound up working right out to the edge of the paper in all directions. That made it a little hard to handle. Several animals are copied from other artists' illustrations and then markings changed, textures and colors added, so I wouldn't actually use this for anything like submitting to a paleo blog place. But for practice it's pretty darn good. Took a long long time to finish!

Compare it to my recent colored pencil nature studies. I think I've improved since then, but not so much that this stinks yet.

Little Brown Bird from Life - watercolor, 2005.
The little leaf buds on the branches are from imagination and wishful thinking. The little brown bird actually perched by my window a good long time, long enough to more or less get its markings right. I have no idea what it is, not being a birder, but it was a little brown bird up in the high branches next to my 4th floor window. An early experiment in loose Asian-influenced watercolor painting.

Just seeing this reminds me that I'm not anywhere near as housebound here as I was living there. Here on a good day I can get down into the rest of the house easily, get myself a snack or go out in the yard without going down five flights of stairs - the house was on a hill on top of it.

This is also where I broke the idea that everything in it had to be colored pencils realism. I felt bad about how empty the whole sketchbook was and decided I wanted to use it more as a sketchbook.

Winter Tree and Shadow - graphite, 2005.
Viewed from above on a winter day with snow all over the ground. I lived in Minnesota and couldn't say what month it was, but I'd been wishing for spring and put the leaf buds in the previous one hoping for them. This is more what it actually looked like, bare trees and shadows of branches over the snow. It's actually fairly accurate.

It also took me a couple of hours to do it as opposed to the life sketching I'm doing now. I look at it and can see a big difference from how I can sketch today - I could get that much texture and even a fair amount of that detail in much less time because I'd be doing the detail after blocking it in.

So that's three more pages of it - one more post and we'll be at the leading edge, the current empty pages with their layouts planned.

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